Trent’anni fa i risultati del DCCT: cosa significarono allora e cosa rappresentano oggi

Thirty years ago the DCCT: which was the message at that time, and what it still is today

The DCCT (Diabetes Control Complication Trials) has conclusively demonstrated in 1993 that good glycaemic control prevents the micro-angiopathy caused by chronic hyperglycaemia in T1DM. The subsequent follow-up study EDIC (Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications) has demonstrated similar results for macro-angiopathy. Taken together, DCCT and EDIC strongly indicate the need for aggressive treatment of T1DM with intensive therapy to target near-normoglycaemia since clinical onset of T1DM to prevent long-term micro- and macro-vascular complications. Today and in the years to come, this message remains and will remain as fundamental as it was 30 years ago.