Diabete autoimmune dell’adulto trattato con Semaglutide: un caso clinico con follow-up quinquennale e valutazione periodica della funzionalità beta-cellulare

Adult-Onset Autoimmune Diabetes treated with Semaglutide: a case study with long term follow-up and periodic evaluation of beta-cell function

Late Autoimmune Diabetes of Adult (LADA) is a forme of autoimmune diabetes that typically occurs in adulthood and has intermediate characteristics between T1D (insulin dependency) and T2D (overweight, late age of onset). However recently a subclassification of LADA has been proposed based on age of onset, level of C‐peptide, body weight and presence of Autoantibodies to customize the patient treatment. In this paper we expose an interesting case of a young woman with autoimmune diabetes (T1DE4) early treatened with Glucagon Like Peptide Receptor Agonist (Semaglutide) showing the effectiveness in maintaining long term good glycemic control and preservation of beta cell-function over 5 years observation period.